Wool Pile Weatherstrip Fuzzy Type Pile Astragal Patio Storm Inswing Outswing Door Seals

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Marvin Replacement Part , Window and Door Pile Weatherstrip Parts - specifically made to meet the needs of anyone looking for OEM quality replacement pile weatherstripping for numerous lines of window and patio door applications; This water-resistant pile woven to a polypropylene backing, or others as specified and choives of light, medium and high densities - these styles and types can replace approximately 90% of the worn-out or corroded pile in use in existing windows and doors used during the past 50 years; It is easy to install and seals effectively on doors, windows, deerblind sliders and more. It is also a major component in the fabrication of storm windows of all types. Most pile is a light gray color. Prices starting at  2.99 Per Lineal Foot  with Minimum Ordering Amounts Depending On Style and Model Number.


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Field Service Weather Strip Kit Usage: 12/2011 to present Includes: 4 − V169 Top jamb weather strip (a) 2 − Checkrail pads (b) 2 − V1494 Pile weather strip(2 inch piece)(c) 2 − Sill Jamb Plug (d) 1 − Instruction 19972110 CN36 CN40 CN48 CN52 CN56 CN60 CN64 Cottage CN68 CN72 34"(864) 38"(965) 46"(1168) 50"(1270) 54"(1372) 58"(1473) 62"(1575) 70"(1778) 11860900 11860901 11860902 11860903 11860904 11860905 11860906 11860907 11860908 Pile Weather Strip, Sill Track and Dust Block 1/4" x 1/4" Color: Gray Specify Length 15607525 Pile Weather Strip, Screen Astragal 3/16"x 5/32" Specify Length GY 15607535 Pile Weather Strip, Screen Frame 3/16"x5/8" Adhesive backed GY 15607571 V2493, 1/2" Pile Weather Strip Specify Length BK BG 11209999 11209998 Weather Strip, Pile V1911 Lineal BG 11195400 11810180

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