V302 Marvin Door Bottom Sweep | 36" Nominal Width | BEIGE COLOR

Price: $78.88


Marvin V302 - V212 - BEIGE COLOR | 36" Length Door Bottom Sweep | Marvin, Integrity, Infinity, Inswing and Outswing Patio Door Sweeps, Threshold Door Sweep, Thresholds, Door Bottom Repair Seals, Single Kerf Door-Sweep, Double Kerf Styles, Vinyl Door Bottom Sweep Seals for all your Marvin Doors. Find your entry door seals, sweeps and replacement weather strip online. Entry Door Sweeps.


These Are All Now Obsolete | Discontinued Parts    


Minimum Order Pack Includes:  Three (3) Units @ 35 11/16" Long ( for a 36" Door).  

BEIGE - Door Bottom Sweep - Entry / Swinging Patio / Entry Door Units: Recommended replacements for the obsolete Marvin V212 and V302 Door Bottom Single Kerf Sweeps. MINIMUM ORDER CONSISTS OF Three (3) Each Units; Replaces many older  "fin sweeps" and kerf styles;  Item # LEE-PTLOO, 35 11/16" Width, Adjustable Door Sweep; Beige - see picture for style design. Also Available in Bronze or White ( Special Order Only)  







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