Spray-X Best Foam Glass Cleaner For Marvin Windows and Doors 19 Oz. / Case Lot

Price: $71.64

The best foam glass cleaner in the window and door industry - 19 ounce cans, Twelve per Case. Sold In Cases Only 

• Streak Free - Guaranteed to leave no film!
• Non-ammoniated
• Contains cosmetic-grade alcohol for best performance
• Sprays in any position - 360 degree valve
• Pleasant Scent


Spray-X vs. Leading Glass Cleaner Brands
1. Spray-X has a larger percentage of active cleaning ingredients than other leading brands. This is why you can dissolve dirt, grease, grit and grime faster and better than other leading brands.
2. Spray-X has a 360 degree spray valve, but the other leading brands do not. This why you can spray it upside down or at any angle.
3. Spray-X is less expensive than other leading brands.
4. Spray-X is alcohol-based which is a better cleaning agent than ammonia-based leading brand cleaners. Not only better cleaning, but guaranteed to leave no film-“Streak Free”.

SKU: SPX 59 101