Sash Lock keeper Awning Casement Windows 1990 to 2010 Universal and Handed

Price: $28.88


Sash Lock and Keepers, w/screws − ICA/IAWN, 1994 to 2007, 10815608, 10815614, Keeper, Sash Lock w/screws; 05590621, Cam Lock, UCART - Truth, EntryGard, Marvin, Pella, Pozzi, BiltBest, Oldach, Crestline, Alenco, Andersen, Anderson, Craftline, Krestline, Integity, Milgard, Phillips, Thermal-Gard, Weather-Craft, Wenco and others. These universal sash locks are loaded with “hidden features”! The clean, low profile design of these locks requires a stop thickness of only .625” (15.8 mm) while still providing a full .250” (6.3 mm) screen rabbet. When properly installed, the revolving cam locking mechanism provides a .625” (15.8 mm) draw-in at the sash. Using a #31358 Keeper, when properly installed this produces a minimum forced entry resistance capability of 250 lbs. per lock (200 lbs. minimum per lock using a #31344 Keeper). An added bonus is that the non-handed design helps hold down expense. High-pressure die-cast zinc case and handle. Painted steel back plate. Steel keeper and steel ocking cam.


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