Replacement Screens | Double Hung Single Hung

Price: $34.88


ORDERING REPLACEMENT SCREENS FOR OLDER WINDOWS - There is no "standard" .. and all screens are built to your specifications; Normally Screens are standard with a charcoal colored fiberglass mesh; there can be a wide variance in frame sizes, thickness etc. so please note: Screens are all different prices, based on quantity, size and other factors: Pricing Varies Widely Based on Sizes, Quantity etc. etc. -  Start at $ 34.88 Each In Quantity. 


Need Help?


Please provide all information and answers to the following questions ..

Sizes? FOR EACH SCREEN - to the nearest 1/16"

INSIDE SCREEN MEASUREMENTS ( inside to inside of frame )     Short Side? ____   Long Side ____

OUTSIDE SCREEN MEASUREMENTS ( outer edge to outer edge )      Short Side? ____   Long Side ____

Frame Color:    Mill Finish , White, Bronze, Almond, Tan, Other?

Frame Thickness:  5/16" ,  7/16" _____ OTHER

Screen Mesh Type: Charcoal Fiberglass (Standard);  Fiberglass Gray ; Aluminum Bright (silver); Aluminum - Charcoal ; White Solar Screen or Charcoal Solar Screen

Spring Type:  Tension Springs (standard); Plunger Springs or NONE

Which Side Are Springs On?   SHORT SIDE      LONG SIDE   or  NO SPRINGS

Pull Tabs: Plastic Pull Tabs  or - NONE

Special Hardware: Loop Latches, Swivel Clips, or  NONE

Which Side for Special Hardware:   Longest Side  or Shortest Side

Crossbrace:  Across The Center of Longest Sides or other?

Standard Screen Service ( normal is 7-19  working days ARO )



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