Q-LON Foam Window and Door Seals | QLON T-Slot Foam Seals | Q-LON Weather Strip

Price: $2.09


Normally used on WINDOWS - Frame Weather strip seals, Sill Seals, Window Frame Seals Casemaster Casements, Awning, Single Hung, Double Hung, Sliders and Gliders. Amesbury | Truth products, weatherstrip seals, t-slot seals, q-lon seals, qez seals, all with proper compression, fit standards, and the most durable, UV resistant, polyethylene cladding that is permanently bonded to resilient urethane foam which provides for the best and most outstanding sealing against air and water infiltration. Available Colors in Black, White, Bronze, Beige, Grey, Desert Sand, Stone.


MINIMUM ORDERS REQUIRED - Prices Starting at  $ 2.09 Per Lineal Foot in Quantity.

SKU: Q-Lon Schlegel Products