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Marvin Windows, Storm Windows, Storm Doors, Patio Doors - Sliding and Swinging Type Door Pile Weatherstrip Parts - specifically made to meet the needs of anyone looking for OEM quality replacement pile weatherstripping for numerous lines of window and patio door applications; This water-resistant pile woven to a polypropylene backing, or others as specified and choives of light, medium and high densities - these styles and types can replace approximately 90% of the worn-out or corroded pile in use in existing windows and doors used during the past 50 years; It is easy to install and seals effectively on doors, windows, deerblind sliders and more. It is also a major component in the fabrication of storm windows of all types. Most pile is a light gray color. Prices starting at  1.99 Per Lineal Foot  with Minimum Ordering Amounts of 20' to 50' Depending On Style and Model Number.


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Panel Drip Weather Strip 17/64"x 1/4"pile weatherstrip with fin GY Specify Length 15607525 Operator Panel Interlock Weather Strip 17/64"x 13/32"pile weatherstrip with fin BG Specify Length 15607569 Stationary Panel Interlock Weather Strip 17/64"x 15/32"pile weatherstrip with fin BG Specify Length 11107546 Sill Dust Block 2x 13/16"x 5"NOTE: Adhesive backed GY 10500132 Frame Weather Strip, Pile V1494 CN36 CN40 CN48 CN52 CN56 CN60 CN64 *CN68C 72 Lineal BG 18 1/8"(460) 20 1/8"(511) 24 1/8"(613) 26 1/8"(664) 28 1/8"(714) 30 1/8"(765) 32 1/8"(816) 40 1/8"(1019) 36 1/8"(918) 120"(3048) 17009036 17009040 17009048 17009052 17009056 17009060 17009064 17009068 17009072 17009098 11810180

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