Marvin SAFE-T-PLUS Patio Door Parts - EntryGard Lock and Handle Parts

Price: $40.44

One (1) Keeper, Upper, and One (1) Keeper, Lower, 10830041, 10830040 for the Marvin SAFE-T-PLUS PATIO DOORS, EntryGard Patio Door Lock & Handle


1 − Keeper
2 − #10−24x3/4 Phillips flathead
machine screws
BG 10830041

Also available is the Straight Angle Bracket , MISC 014
Adjustable Angle Bracket, (Bottom), MISC 451
Stationary Panel Bracket, MISC 2246
NOTE: Specify for clad or wood units

19900, 18900, Marvin WOOD AND CLAD SAFE-T-PLUS PATIO DOORS, Parts, Marvin discontinued the sale of Safe-T-Plus Doors in August of 1998. We will continue to provide full support with a complete line of hardware, wood parts, replacement sash and glass, as specified. Sliding Patio Door Part Identification, Wood Safe-T-Plus, OX or XO, Interior Sills, Center Operator Jamb, Clad Safe-T-Plus OX or XO, Stationary Unit, Replacement Wood Parts, replacement Vinyl, Aluminum and Fiberglass Parts, Panel Replacements, Weather Strip, Screens and Screen Parts, Energy Panels and Parts, Obsolete Parts, Obsolete Weather Strip and Discontinued Screen Parts.

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