Marvin Primary Multipoint Lock Assembliy | Faceplate, Deadbolt and Shootbolts

Price: $368.88

Primary Multipoint lock assemblies used between march 2004 and march 2007 that included the lock assembly and faceplate. deadbolt and shootbolts - your only option is replacing with current replacement parts for an active multipoint you will need to refer to instructions 19915731 for retro-fit information as outlined here for CN 6-5, CN 6-8 and CN 8-0 Door Heights. New Active Multi-Point usage 3/2007 to Present Includes: Lock Assembly with Faceplate, deadbolt, latch and shoot bolts and screws for CN 6-5, CN6-8, CN 7-0 and CN 8-0 in Stainless Steel - Model Numbers, 11896701/02, 5700 and 6703. NOTE: ETO Order required for special size doors. Rough Opening, Jamb depth, and door Manufacture date required to provide correct components.  

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