Marvin Old Style Casement Roto-Gear Operator 10815500 LH | Regular 4 7/16" Link Unit

Price: $58.88


Marvin Casemaster, Awning, French Casemaster, Venting Window / Left Handing Unit - LH -10815500 Mechanism. Also known as the Marvin Casement Window Dual Arm Roto-Gear Operator | STR OT-P83 LH / OT-P84 RH Dual Arm Roto−gear Operator, CN 20 and over; Daylight opening width 14 1/2 (368) and over; May also be number stamped as a P233 P234 unit in some applications. 


NOTE:  LINK ARM "length" is important. SEE DIMENSION "A" = 5 11/64"  ( 4 7/16" Arm Length ) - If you have the "Short Arm" - for an Egress Window with Dim  B = 2 29/32" -  Please Specify at "comments section" during checkout. If none specified we will ship longer arm, Left Handed Model.


HANDING DETERMINATION: Please Order Correctly as these are non returnable. HANDING DETERMINED AS FOLLOWS: as you are looking at the window from the inside, and the "sash locking mechanism or sash lock handle" is on the left side of the window sash, a left handed operator is needed. If your sash lock or lock handle is on the right side  - the unit specified as a right handed.    


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SKU: 10815501 OT P83 P84