Marvin and Integrity Replacement Window Screens | Double Single Hung

Price: $39.99


ORDERING WINDOW REPLACEMENT SCREENS FOR YOUR OLD MARVIN and INTEGRITY SINGLE and DOUBLE HUNG WINDOWS - Please keep in mind that there was no "standard" as there were so many "options" available; all window screens are built to your specifications and we want to get it right - so please review all carefully. Normally Screens are standard with a charcoal colored fiberglass mesh, but there were numerous options available. There can be a wide variations in frame sizes, frame thickness etc.


Please be advised that NOTHING WORKS BETTER THAN A SMALL SAMPLE .. it does not need to be a complete screen .. It can be a short piece of one side or bottom only .. and screens are different sizes, different prices, quantities, and other factors. Pricing can start as low as $ 39.99 and up in minimum orders and required quantities.  


Screens are available with aluminum surround and charcoal colored fiberglass screen mesh. Aluminum mesh is available as an option and only as outlined; Determine the outside measurement of the existing screen. Find the sizes that correspond to the width and height indicated below; Aluminum screen frames are now only available in as outlined; EMAIL US WITH SPECIAL FINISH REQUESTS FOR: satin taupe, brown and pebble gray or others; If there is no existing screen from which to obtain the OUTSIDE MEASUREMENTS of your the screen, email us all info related to the "daylight opening" - the measurement of the inside visible glass; colorp; mesh type (if other than standard); year or fastener type; Note: OEM "Gold Tone"  screen frames are no longer available. When ordering replacement screen specify all info as outlined below:


PLEASE START HERE: Email Info to: 

We Need Sizes? FOR EACH SCREEN - to the nearest 1/16" 

INSIDE SCREEN MEASUREMENTS     Short Side? ____   Long Side ____ 

OUTSIDE SCREEN MEASUREMENTS     Short Side? ____   Long Side ____ 

Frame Color:  Mill Finish , White, Bronze, Almond, Tan, Other? 

Frame Thickness:

5/16" , 7/16" _____ OTHER

Screen Mesh Type:

Charcoal Fiberglass (Standard)

Fiberglass Gray

Aluminum Bright (silver)

Aluminum - Charcoal

White Solar Screen

Charcoal Solar Screen

Spring Type: Tension Springs (standard); Plunger Springs or NONE 

Which Side Are Springs On?  SHORT SIDE      LONG SIDE    NO SPRINGS  

Pull Tabs: Plastic Pull Tabs  -- OTHER or NONE

Special Hardware: Loop Latches, Swivel Clips, NONE  or OTHER

Which Side for Special Hardware:  Longest Side  Shortest Side 

Crossbrace: Across The Center of Longest Sides?

Standard Screen Service Leadtime  (13-21 Days A.R.O. / Order Entry. 



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