Door Hinge Kit Adjustable | Left and Right Hinges | All Finishes

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Hinge Kit, Adjustable, Includes: 1 − Adjustable hinge, 1 − #10x2 1/2_Phillips flathead, wood screws (jamb); 5 − #10x3/4_Phillips flathead wood screws (jamb, stationary stile); 4 − #8x1 1/2_Phillips flathead wood screws (panel); NOTE: Hinge part number includes the color matched screws;   Stop Sticking and Dragging Doors Due to Home Age and Movement, Remodeling, Humidity, Moisture or poor installations. Never cut, plane or sand another sticking door. Just replace the hinges and adjust the door whenever adjustments are needed. This Original Marvin Door Adjustable Door Hinge -  lets you adjust your door up and down, side to side or in and out whenever your door is sticking.



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